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Funnel Clouds On Video And Storm Reports July 29

storm recap

Thursday July 29 2021

Severe storms were forecast in our region today, and they lived up to expectation. A Tornado Watch was issued for much of the region, and a few storm cells prompted Tornado Warnings in central Maryland. 

Video of this funnel cloud is in the report below. 

Radar Loop

The peak of the storms rolled through metro areas between 4 PM and 6 PM.  Here’s  recap of the radar loop during that time.



Storm Reports

This wide view map shows the clusters of storm reports.  But I wanted to start with the two funnel clouds.


Funnel Clouds

Tower Shores, north of Bethany Beach

This one is up close and amazing!

Robbie Commodari shared this with my on Twitter, taken by his sister. It was confirmed by The National Weather Service that there was a funnel cloud offshore at that time. It does not look like it touched down.



Choptank River, Maryland’s Eastern Shore

This was reported at 10:52 AM. Yes, in the morning!  It looks like a waterspout, which tend to be weaker than tornados and remain over the water. 

The video confirmation was from my friend Nicki Nueweller, shared on Facebook at 11 AM. 

Side-note, Nicki’s husband Josh took me across the Bay during the first few years of my Maryland Trek.  They are proud salt of the earth crabbers and water-‘people’ that I am glad to be friend’s with. That said, you might want to turn the volume down if kids are watching with you.



Location: South of St. Michaels and west of Cambridge. 


Central Maryland

Lightning In Ellicott City

From Laurie Pells George


Storm Reports

Top Wind of 62 mph was recorded at BWI Airport.

A few clusters of storm damage reports are evident on the map.  One between Baltimore and Washington. Primarily tree damage in Howard, Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland. 


Storm Damage In Howard County







The severe storm cluster between Stafford and Fredericksburg dropped the largest hail.  One report of 2.25 inches 



From This Morning: Storm Outlook



Improving Weather Ahead



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Sunshine State Of Mind

I am done with the cold and snow (for the season). I am embracing my wife’s mantra of Sunshine State of Mind.

This was designed by Shannon Berk and we will be wearing it through spring and to the beach.

Double Benefit: Proceeds will be split between our nonprofit Just In Power Kids and the development of my new weather website. That has been scheduled to be ready to launch in May.

Sunshine State Of Mind



14 Local Maryland Pages (and York PA)

We have made a page for Maryland Weather which gives you the current conditions for 14 present area locations.

Local Hourly Forecasts and Local Radar
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