Current Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 10/20/2021 05:50:03 pm




Dew Point
Relative Humidity


Feels Like


Wind (WSW)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

07:21 AM

Sun Set

06:20 PM

Day Length

10:59 Hours


2 min 25 sec loss

Moon Rise

06:38 PM

Moon Set

07:12 AM

Next: Last Quarter

Oct 28,2021

Moon Phase

Full Moon

Average Low



Average High
Record Low




Record High
Current Conditions

Dangerous Heat Builds And May Feed Strong Storms


Tuesday July 16 2019

We are about to enter the hottest stretch of the year. It is on schedule but may be quite uncomfortable and becoming dangerous. I don’t say that lightly. The remains of Barry  have shifted the upper level flow and is bringing back the heat and high humidity. As temperatures climb through the 90s, heat index values will be over 100ºF towards the end of the week and the weekend.


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Local Weather Stats: Monday July 15, 2019 in Baltimore

Average High:  88ºF

Record High: 104ºF in 1988

Average  Low: 67ºF

Record Low:  57ºF in 1954

Sunrise: 5:52 AM

Sunset 8:31 PM  

*Daylight = 1:19 shorter than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 82ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 



Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media


High Temperatures Today


Heat Index Today


Storm Potential Today

Radar Simulation —> slider

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Wednesday: More Humid

Heat Index


Showers and Storms Each Afternoon Through Thursday

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Temperature Outlook

I still think the modeling is too hot for the weekend. But Even if we only reach the upper 90s, the Heat Index could reach 110º



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