*NEW*  FITF Flannel PJs bottoms will be printed inside out… because that’s the way it should be 😉  These and more shirts have returned this year for starters…

Faith in the Flakes was an expression that came from a discussion with my oldest son many years ago. When my boy was 2 years old, he was really excited for a snowstorm I expected. The storm didn’t happen. Go figure, my son’s first experience with his dad and a meteorologist not being perfect!  But I told him it would snow again. He had to believe. Have faith. Have faith in the flakes.  We got our snowstorm a week later.

Soon after, I found myself using that phrase with grown ups and on my blogs. It has become a source of unity for those of us that love winter and any type of small or large snowfall.

Personal Delivery if you order 20 or more shirts:

  • AND work in a school, in a hospital or medical office, or a first responder,
  • AND live within a 1 hour drive of Baltimore… Including Cecil, Harford, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties in Maryland. Also York County in PA.  I  will deliver yours personally with a special gift.

Thank you for being part of our weather community!


Available in:

  • 36″ Drift Stick
  • 30″ Blizzard Stick 
  • 24″ Snow Stick 

Colors: Maryland, Classic = Blue and White, Christmas = Red and Green), and our Purple and Gold that don’t need a name :-).

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Faith in the Flowers

A fundraiser for Save a Limb Fund at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore with Lexi Hack

Faith_Flowers - FINALLexiandJustinFaith in the Flowers is part of a fundraiser for 16 year old Lexi Hack. She will have her 3rd operation to straighten her legs on April 12th atSinai Hospital in Baltimore. Their Save a Limb Fund is responsible for paying for what her parent’s insurance company would not cover.
Purchasing any of these shirts will also include a blue bracelet with gold letters saying, “Faith in the Flowers – Save A Limb Fund”
and a way for Lexi to raise money to donate back to help another person.
These will be available through April 30th.
Thank you for helping us pay it forward.
Click the images below to get started


FITFlowers Gear


These Flakes Don’t Melt

Special Edition: The Coolest Shirt This Summer



All designs will be available in:

  • Short Sleeve T
  • Long Sleeve T
  • Women’s cut
  • Hooded Sweatshirts
  • Kids Sizes

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Faith in the Flakes #FITF

Special Edition Blizzard 2016

Honor the largest snowfall on Baltimore records: 29.2″  Jan 22-23 2016

2016 blizzard shirt

Classic Flake:

This is our original design. There are short/long sleeve and hoodies available. The online order store to includes more options for  colors and ladies cuts.  We also hope to add a size chart that was a popular question last year.

New This Year:

Maryland Style Flake:

Our small state with a feel. The variety of terrain from the mountains, across the Bay, to the ocean is pride, culture, and a big player in our weather. The state can behave like a the northeast or a southern belle in winter. But if you love snow and search for it in every storm, show it off with your Maryland pride.

There are many other styles than shown here. Check them out. We expect this to be the most popular



Please contact me or fill out this form if you are interested in a special edition shirt for your school that includes a fundraiser for the PTO and Winter based STEM assembly with delivery.

  • A minimum of 100 shirts would need to be purchased.
  • Items would cost $16/each with $3 going to PTO
  • Plan Ahead: It could take 4 weeks or more to allow for sign up, collection, and then printing.

Got Stickage?

This item is not available at this time. However I did uncover this vintage video proving once and for all to Tony Pann that I was the first to use the term long before he did 😉

Pre-Sleep Snowfall checklist (not available at this time):

This is a collection of superstitions that help kids and teachers root on a snow day. These are all part of a well practiced routine in my house. My kids remind me… How about you?

The most popular activity is wearing your PJs inside out. We help you take care of that:

This design is printed on the INSIDE of the shirt. As you will see, we’ve checked that off of the list for you.

*When the tag is hanging out of the back collar and someone tells you that your shirt is on wrong, you can tell them that you are just doing your part to help bring on the snow.

We hope to have this item return soon



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Also See: Kid Weather is a mobile app I developed with my oldest son. It was his idea when he was 6 years old. Since then it’s won a Parent’s Choice Award and been downloaded in over 55 countries around the world. This is STEM focused with real weather and learning tools with a fun twist for kids can.
Chip KidWxDevices