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Timeline For Rainy Pattern This Week

May 22nd, 2017|

Monday May 22 - Rain this morning is a signal for much of this week. Be careful what you wish for. Many people ask for dry weekends and batch the rain during the week. That is what we have in store starting with rain today. The entire week will not be wet, but a series

Staying Cool With A Stormy Week Ahead

May 21st, 2017|

Sunday May 21 - You can call this payback for the summer preview we had for 3 days as temperatures will remain well below normal into this week. Baltimore officially hit 70ºF but most of the day was spent in the 60s.  Today will stay in the mid 60s to near 70ºF, much lower than the

Hot And Humid With Storms Then Much Cooler

May 19th, 2017|

Friday May 19 - We are in day three of this heat streak and may make a run for 90ºF again on this Black Eyed Susan Day.  The thing you will noice most will be the humidity. The air will feel thick and you may want storms to help cool things down. We have a

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