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About the Trek

I almost lost my left leg when I was 14 years old. I recovered and continued to play sports, but I know what painful surgery, long hospital stays, and a poor diagnoses is like. That is why I dedicate my time and social media resources to this trek across Maryland to raise hopes for the kids, awareness of their fight, and money for Cool Kids Campaign.

Starting from the summit of Wisp and ending at the Inlet in Ocean City, I picked Maryland’s two largest playgrounds for the kids who want to be kids again and just play. This is NO walk in the park. Fast paced hiking and biking combination everyday, to cross the state of Maryland from west to east in 7 days. Two legs each day, pun fully intended. That’s the plan. I’ve moved from sprinting to long distance running in my adulthood, but the hike is something more people can relate to. The biking portion represents the fun part childhood, plus it relieves tension on my legs using different muscles and shortens the time of the entire event.

Each day will start with a 27 mile hike averaging a little more than 4 miles per hour. The distance of 27 is just over a marathon and represents the years since I was sick to my first trek. The bike part will be 14 miles (or more), for the age I was when I was sick. Each day will be to honor one of our Cool Kids. Tell you their story and let them know that many people care and perhaps one day they can be all grown up and say they ‘were’ sick, but no longer.

I have assembled a team and have support from some great people and experts in fitness.  I welcome more people to join my trek for the whole week or a single day. Plus, if you can, I’d love to see you along the way. If you drive by or stop to say high, we can take a pic and post it using the hashtag #mdtrek3 to help document this lifetime journey on all social media platforms. I’ve got some cool surprises along the way as well so you hopefully stick with me all the way through the end.

The Trek Blog

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Come from behind track win 3 years after almost losing my leg

4x200 meter relay finals of the Southeast New York Regionals. This was the last race of the day but when i finally felt 100%. Just three years earlier I almost lost my left leg and doctors were not sure I would even walk right again. This is why I work with Cool Kids Campaign and why I decided to Trek Across Maryland to rain money and awareness. I was 14 when sick. Now at 41 it's a full reflection of the numbers and all the victories I had since. I want this to encourage kids today that they can get well.