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October 3 Ian Nor’easter: Rain And Wind Advisories: New Beach Flood Video From Ocean City

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October 3, 2022

Monday Morning Update 

The Ghost of former Hurricane Ian continues now as a stalled Nor’easter off the Mid Atlantic coast. It reformed yesterday and will continue to hit us a little longer with steady rain, gusty winds, and coastal flooding. 

Additional rain totals are still high, and the winds this morning have upgraded the Wind Warning on the Bay Bridge to ‘Limited Restriction”. This means no empty box trailers can pass. We have a look at the live radar and wind forecast below. 

The steady onshore flow has been expected to chomp away with more beach erosion, but it has also led to high water. Let’s start with new flood video:

Flooding In Ocean City Maryland 


Wind And Water Advisories

  • Wind Advisory until 2 PM: Western Shore of The Chesapeake Bay. Gusts to 45 mph
  • *Wind Restrictions on the Bay Bridge*
  • Coastal Flood Warning: Ocean Beaches
  • High Wind Warning: Ocean City – Winds Over 50 mph

Morning Surface Weather

The Ghost of Ian continues as a stalled Nor’easter off the coast. This is why the winds will increase, the rain will enhance, and the temps will remain chilly in the 40s to near 50ºF.

*I am storing this in my Atmospheric Memory File for potential repeat in the winter.

Morning Temperatures

Not much movement on the thermometers again today. Plan for a wet day with mid 40s to lower 50s in the afternoon. 


Morning Wind Gusts (as of 6 AM)



Wind Forecast

8 AM Mon to 8 PM Mon

The winds continue from the North and Northeast. They will be stronger in the morning, then ease in the afternoon around the Bay…. But remain brisk along the ocean beaches.

October 3 weather wind forecast Monday Ian nor'easter

Rain Outlook

Compare the Live Radar to the simulation below 

Live Radar


Rain Forecast Simulation: 8 AM to 8 PM

Steady rain will continue with the storm spinning off the coast.  Heavier rain will fall near the Bay and across Delmarva in bands.  Less rain farther inland to the west.

October 3 rain forecast radar Monday

Temperatures at 4 PM

Remaining chilly!



TODAY October 3

Normal Low in Baltimore:  52ºF

Record 34ºF in 1974

Normal High in Baltimore: 73ºF

Record 92ºF 2019


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Average Frost And Freeze Dates in Maryland and Pennsylvania




Wind 8 AM Mon to  8 PM Wed

Low Pressure continues to spin off the east coast, even retrograding closer on Tuesday. Then it finally pulls away and fades on Wednesday. Yes, this Nor’easter has been born from the remains of former Hurricane Ian.

October 3 nor'easter Ian forecast Monday


Additional Rainfall Through Wednesday 

Around 1 inch in central Maryland to 4 inches or more by the beaches.


Temperatures Tuesday 


Temps may remain nearly the same as Monday afternoon.



A little improvement, but still about 10 degrees cooler than normal.


7 Day Forecast

Temps remain chilly with the storm, but as soon as the sun returns we will warm up to the 70s for the end of the work week. Then the next cool down will arrive, while remaining dry next weekend. 





Hurricane Ian May Help Cooler Pattern Change: Monitor For Atmospheric Memory This Winter


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