Cherry Blossoms In Peak Bloom Now And Photos Prove It

Cherry Blossoms In Peak Bloom Now And Photos Prove It

Sunday March 26 – The National Park Service has declared the Cherry Blossoms around the National Mall and Tidal Basin in Washington DC are at peak bloom. The Yoshino Trees will remain that way for the next 4 to 7 days. This means we have until the end of March to see at least 70% of the trees in this stage. It should make for a much better show than had been advertised and keep with our right of passage into spring.

There was an early forecast of a possible record early bloom, but an arctic chill, then ice and snow put a big kink in that plan. Some damage had occurred, but I was informed that as of Friday, many more flowers were present and very few people had known about it. That is what Patrick Gillespie told me when he sent this photo.


The National Park Service monitors and has tracked the trend of Cherry Blossoms.

The following is a comparative record of past bud development. The date listed is when 70 percent of the buds have reached each stage:

  1. Green Color in Buds: Mid to late February – Early March
  2. Florets Visible: Early to Mid March, Av. 16-21 days to Peak Bloom
  3. Extension of Florets: Av. 12-17 days to Peak Bloom
  4. Peduncle Elongation: Av. 5-10 days to Peak Bloom (Frost Critical)
  5. Puffy White: Av. 4-6 days to Peak Bloom

YearGreen Color in BudsFlorets VisibleExtension of
Peduncle ElongationPuffy WhitePeak Bloom
20172/243/13/63/8 3/22 3/25
20163/83/13 3/15 3/17 3/223/25
20153/184/1 4/4 4/6 4/84/10
20143/16 3/233/314/44/74/10
20122/29 3/83/123/143/153/20


Get out now if you can. The weather will be more cloudy and cooler this Sunday, and some rain will move through over the next few days, but these flowers should be able to handle that. So maybe take a day off and of course, share your photos.


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